The Queue

Right, everyone. I need to be serious for a moment. Because the greatest thing that ever happened is happening right now.

I don't particularly care either way about the Queen. But the queue? The Queue is a triumph of Britishness. It's incredible.

Yep. That's about the most British thing I've heard of.

Movie Magic

Movie Magic was required viewing for me when it aired on the Discovery Channel from 1994-1997. Each episode would dive into how various effects were achieved and I found it mesmerizing.

The Story of Laserdisc

I've always been curious about Laserdisc. It was such an oddity that I never understood... then the algorithm plopped this series in my lap.

A fascinating and thorough dive into a niche bit of technology and I'm so glad people are out there making this kind of content.

The Apple Store Time Machine

The Apple Store Time Machine is a celebration of the places and products that have shaped our lives for more than twenty years. This interactive experience recreates memorable moments in Apple history with painstaking detail and historical accuracy.

Can confirm - I've been around for each of these phases of the store and it really is like stepping back in time. An awesome project and it's obvious Michael Steeber put a lot of love into it. Be sure to also check out his blog post about it.

The Danger of Minimalist Design

Minimalism as a design choice can be beautiful but this thread is talking about something else: unmotivated minimalism. I've had this conversation several times lately and it was nice to see someone else put their words to it. I don't know what else to attribute it to other than prioritizing spending the absolute least amount of money possible. Whatever the reason, it's a trend I'd like to see reversed.

Descent 2 Cinematic Remake

Descent 1 and 2 were fairly influential gaming experiences for me so it's exciting to see Jordan Cain is working on remaking the opening cinematic from D2. My heart did a little dance seeing a modern Pyro-GX.

What if Hollywood Studios was completely reworked?

Speaking of theme parks: from the This Will Never Ever Happen But Absolutely Should Department, Theme Park Lore has an idea of how to almost completely overhaul Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The only part I’m not wild about is the proposed new name.